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Did you work long and hard to launch your business' website, but the results just aren't coming in as expected? Or, do you want to update something on your website, but do not know how? Hill Internet Group has services to help you through!

The true power of the Internet is not just having a website, but leveraging your website to help you...
Make Your Existing Customer More Loyal - through Email Marketing
Reach And Engage New Customers - through Directory Submissions & Search Engine Marketing
Get Listed On Search Engines - through Search Engine Marketing
Keep Your Website Content Up To Date - through Website Updates
Reduce Overhead Expenses - through Website Support & Content Updates

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for us to review your current needs and provide free consultation on how you can maximize your website.

  Website Support On-going support for website technical issues. Includes one call support for all of your website related issues - from website down to email issues. Call us, and we will track the issue and ensure that it is resolved to your satisfaction.
  Website Updates Website content updates - from a single image change to regularly scheduled content updates, we are fast and reliable in completing your content change requests. Your audience wants to stay abreast of changes that you make to your business, utilize your website as a free communication channel. By keeping your website new and up-to-date you will find your customers better informed, more engaged and more loyal.
  Email Marketing Professionally created and distributed targeted emails about your business - to either your business' email list or a rented email list of potential customers. Over 95% of people use the Internet to check email - why not reach your current and future customers through this powerful channel? From email sale specials to monthly newsletters, email marketing is a superior way to make your existing clients more loyal as well as reach and engage new clients.
  Search Engine Marketing - Paid Advertising Setup and delivery of targeted search engine paid advertisements (the advertisements that appear in the 'sponsored' section when completing an online search). Yahoo! and Google are the top 2 most visited websites on the Internet, why not reach out to their website visitors and tell them about your services? Paid Search Engine Advertisements do just that! AND the beauty of this programs is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. You can set a pre-determined monthly budget to spend (as little as $20) and we handle the rest!
  Search Engine Marketing - Natural Search Have you ever used AOL, Yahoo!, Google, MSN to search for something online? Make sure that your business shows up in the search results! Here's the test, go to one of these search engines and type in your business' name - did you see it in the search results? If so, was it #1? Natural Search (also known as Search Engine Optimization - SEO) is targeted at improving your ranking on search engine results. Since the majority of people that go online use search, you want to ensure that your business is listed within the search results listed. Hill Internet Group can help you cut through the clutter and optimize your website so your business can be found!
  Directory Submissions Listings and links on industry related websites. The Internet is a huge network, a network where people often "crawl" from one website to another via website links. One of the key ways to maximizing your website is have other websites link to your website. All businesses have industry related websites - i.e. if you are a wedding planner, www.theknot.com would be considered an 'industry' website - these websites are industry specific and targeted at your same customer base. Links from these websites to your website provide greater exposure to your business as well as provide built in credibility with potential new customers.
  MySpace.com Creation of a custom MySpace.com page for your business. If your customer base is 35 and under group - MySpace.com is an excellent option! Go to where the people are and you are sure to reach them. The social networking website provides an opportunity for you to reach and engage new clients as well as share information on your business.