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View the image to the right - do you understand any of the terms? If so,
congratulations you are well on your way! If not, don't worry about it, Hill
Internet Group is here for you and we take care of all of that for you! Either
way we are here to smooth out the unnecessarily complicated process of
creating a web presence for your business on the Internet.

At Hill Internet Group, we pride ourselves in our process of walking you
through the website development maze. Our process is tailored to make
you feel most comfortable wih the Internet and the commitment you are
undertaking. We understand that placing your business online can be an
intimidating process and clearly communicate with each step of the way.

Website Steps :
We offer several solutions to meet your needs - after all Hill Internet Group is where business meets the Internet! The above mentioned process will be used with any of our solutions. Our solutions are broken into 3 types according to your requirements. In addition, we do more then just 'build a website'. We handle all of the auxliary setup associated with establishing your presence on the Internet. Review the list of options below to determine what's right for your business.
  Hundreds of professionally designed websites ready to be updated with your business information! These pre-designed websites can be customized to match your business colors and incoporate your logo - giving you a quick, no hassle way to get your business online.
  Websites tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether its matching your offline marketing materials, creating registration forms, or building out database support this solution provides you the ultimate in flexibility.
  Websites that require online selling. Whether its a standard shopping cart checkout, non-profit donations or payment options for service firms, any website that accepts a credit card falls into this solution.
  Included Services Website Hosting Setup
Email Setup
Basic Search Engine Submission to Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN
Business Website Address Registration (Domain Name)
  Post Website Launch Support
(separate fees apply)
Website Technical Support
Content Updates
Monthly Traffic Summary Reports with Recommendations
Email Campaigns
  Add-Ons Services
(separate fees apply)
Copy/Content Creation
Advanced Search Engine Submission
Website links on industry directories